All the key policies of the school will be available to download from this page. It will be updated regularly as our policies are routinely checked and improved to provide the best for the children in the school.

After joining Elliot Foundation, Croft Academy now use and follow the Elliot Foundation's Academy policies.

Some school specific of commonly used policies are below, for others please click to the link the Elliot Foundation website. 

Please follow this link to our policies:

Elliot Foundation Academy Policies

Click on the logos to access Croft Academy's Policies.

COVID-19 Policies

TEFAT Complaints Policy

Determined Admissions Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

TEFAT Safeguarding Policies

GDPR Privacy Notice Parents & Students - September 2020

Behaviour Policy

Health and Safety Policy

School Exclusion Procedure 

Local Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

TEFAT Finance Policies

Calculation Policy

Attendance Policy