Staying healthy 

Over the last few weeks at Croft, we learnt about our physical and emotional health

This page will give you ideas of how to stay healthy!

If you try any of them, please record yourself and share on Class Dojo

Ask your teacher to post them on School Story


Friday 22/5/20

Over the next few weeks, look out for butterflies when you are in the park or in your garden.

How many different ones can you see?

Here is a poster of common butterflies to help you.

There's definitely been a Red Admiral in our garden.

Why not have a go at drawing your own butterfly?  Click on the image to get started.


Thursday 21/5/20

Continuing the theme of caterpillars and butterflies, here are 3 ways to practise mindful breathing like a butterfly!

Click on the picture to get started.


Wednesday 20/5/20

The children in EYFS are watching caterpillars grow!

This paper caterpillar is very easy to make, and actually moves if you blow it gently.

Why not make a few and challenge your family to  a race!

Click on the picture to hear Miss Maiden's Caterpillar rhyme!


Tuesday 19/5/20

Let's learn something new today!



Have a go at making

this bookmark.

Here's one made

from newspaper.


But if you're really creative,

perhaps you could make

one of these . . .

Or one of these . . .



Monday 18/5/20

This guided meditation is called Happy Heart.

You can either read it to your family, or you can ask an older person to read it to you.

Remember, whoever reads it needs to take take it nice and slow and use a calm voice.

Click on the heart to get started.

Happy meditating!!


Friday 15/5/20

Here's this week's challenge from Streetly Academy called Throw and Catch.

The challenge from them is this:
Using a ball or a pair of rolled up socks, simply throw the ball above your head and catch it! 
How many times can you successfully do this in 30 seconds?
Set out a space 5 large steps apart, how many laps can you do whilst throwing the ball in the air?
Good Luck!!


Thursday 14/5/20

Calm Me Time

Slow your breathing by using the Lazy 8 method.

Use the 5 minute timer by clicking on the chime.

Wednesday 13/5/20

Another activity from A*STARS.

Click on the picture to find a Daily Exercise Diary.



Tuesday 12/5/20

Click on the picture to find out how Mindfulness can improve awareness and attention.  

Why not go for a swim in the ocean and check out how you are feeling today?

Click on the jelly fish to get started!

Monday 11/5/20

To help us to Take Notice of how we are feeling, let's watch three short video clips about Mojo.

When he is in a bad mood, he discovers a way of taking control to make himself feel better!

Click on the pictures below to watch the clips.

Thursday 7/5/20

Another co-ordination challenge from Streetly Academy!

Are you going to try it at a run, or a slow and steady walk?

Have a go and let us know how you got on!


          Wednesday 6/5/20            

Today, we are going to think about how we are everyday heroes or heroines!

We all have strengths that we use everyday.

What strengths do you have?  Click on the words below and choose your best two.

Also think about setting yourself a challenge .

Which strength could you improve on? How will you do it?





Brave Forgiving Leadership




Generous Hard-working Honest




Self-control Fair Curious



Tuesday 5/5/20

We gain enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it improves our flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.

In addition, our concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.

Try these yoga poses for a few minutes.

Here is a 5 minute timer which also plays some relaxing music!


Monday 4/5/20

Take Notice challenge!

Listen to the birds singing for a few minutes.

You don't need to go outside, just open a window.

How many different birds can you hear? What kind of birds are they? (go to YouTube for bird songs)

Here are a few birds I heard in my garden (click on the pictures to hear them singing):



Garden Sparrow

Wood Pigeon

If you would like to look for different kinds of birds instead of listening, here is a poster to help you identify them.

To attract birds to your garden, you could make your own bird-feeder.

Here is Miss Maiden showing you how to make it!!

Finally, a picture of a bird who didn't quite make it to the garden, but landed on my neighbour's roof instead!!


Friday 1/5/20

Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion" and can help maintain strength, flexibility and balance.

Those of you who join us for our weekly walk will recognise some of the moves from the cool down we do at the end!

Click on the picture and have a go!


Thursday 30/4/20

Let's try some Calm Me time.

Click on the chime to be taken to a meditation bell.

The bell will ring again after 5 minutes.

To help you to stay focused, here are a few Calm Me time questions from our assemblies.


What are your goals and dreams for the future?

What talents or strengths do you have?

What makes you special?



Wednesday 29/4/20

Do you remember the 5 steps to feeling good?

They are: Connect, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Be Active, Give

Today we are going to think about giving.

Lots of children at Croft have learnt about Bucket Filling (there is a reminder below).

After you have read the story, have a go at filling someone's bucket!


Tuesday 28/4/20

Here's another physical exercise from Streetly Academy for you to try!

Rebound Catch doesn't use as much energy and space as the last one, but can be tricky as you need good co-ordination.

Don't forget to challenge your family - when we tried this at Croft it became very competitive!!


Monday 27/4/20

The A*STARS programme promotes health and wellbeing by providing road safety, health and sustainable travel education, training and awareness.

They will be coming to work with us at Croft Academy during the next school year.

Click on the picture to go to their website.  You will find activity booklets and quizzes about staying safe.


Friday 24/4/20

Some of you will recognise this one!

This is a breathing exercise called Tummy Breathing.

Have a go and don't forget to teach your family too!


Thursday 23/4/20

As part of our last assembly at school, we watched a short film called 5 Steps to  Feeling Good.

The steps are: Connect, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Be Active, Give

So let's try and learn something new today - have a go at making this box from paper!

Here's one made one from newspaper - it's a bit flimsy but OK for paperclips!                                


Wednesday 22/4/20

We are very lucky to know Gav from St Peter's church, who sometimes comes to Croft to do wonderful assemblies.

He also comes every week with Pete to work with some of the children at Croft.

Gav, Pete and some friends are reading a book called The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis.

Click here to listen to Chapter 1

Listening to someone read a story out loud is very relaxing!


Tuesday 21/4/20

Lots of you have visited Streetly Academy for sporting events - rounders, netball, athletics, football, cricket.

Some of the pupils from Streetly demonstrate ZigZag Run, a great physical activity for you to try.

You will need some space and lots of energy!

Don't forget to challenge your family!


Monday 20/4/20

Singing is an excellent way to lift your spirits!

If you follow this link, you will find activities on the Jigsaw website

Why not teach your family the song?


Thursday 19/3/20

Why is dancing good for you?

Dancing is a great way to raise your heart rate.

You can burn over 400 calories in an hour.

It makes your muscles work hard, which helps to maintain and improve strength.

It works on your concentration, coordination, balance and agility.

It’s a complete body and mind workout!

So have a go at The Waka Waka


Friday 20/3/20

Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and reduce stress as well as increase

one's ability to regulate emotions and feel compassion and empathy.

We tried From Mindless to Mindful yesterday in Year 5 and really enjoyed it!