Wellbeing at Croft

Our Staying Healthy page has lots of information about wellbeing at Croft.

It has activities to help you stay physically and mentally healthy, and also links to other sites.

Connections support and enrich us every day.

We raise money for our school community

and we are also getting to know people in our local community.


Weekly certificates are thoughtfully considered and based on an individual's

personal growth, character, and achievements.

Having a class reward system unites students in their motivation to work hard and excel.


Makaton helps understanding by giving an extra visual cue to communication.

Head over to our Makaton page, where you can practise some of the signs we have learnt!

The A*Stars objectives:

  • To increase the number of pupils using all forms of safer, sustainable travel on the journey to and from schools
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyles, road safety and sustainable travel
  • To provide a safer, cleaner environment in the vicinity of schools to benefit everyone
  • To enable children to  promote its key messages to parents and the wider community

We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but it can be good for our minds too!