Welcome to our Year 2 website page on here you will be able to see all the fun, learning and mischief that we get up to during our school day. 

Mrs. Wiggin - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs. Kausar - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Home Learning

Mrs Wiggin will be posting daily work for you to complete while we are at home.


Follow daily lessons shown on BBC Bitesize





Here is a great game to challenge your times table knowledge. Have fun and learn while playing!

Spring 1 - In English and History we have been learning about “The Great Fire of London”. We have read the book “The Story of the Fire of London” written by Jill Atkins.

 Pupils have learnt about prepositions, adverbs , past and present tense of regular verbs. While trying to make their writing more interesting and detailed pupils have written a description of a scene of the Great Fire and a Diary entry as if they were in London in 1666.

In Art/DT - pupils have used recycled materials to make Tudor houses recreating a street of London at the time of the Great Fire. Then they were set on fire while the pupils sang "London's burning". 


On Monday 10th February Year 2 visited Walsall Library.

Pupils looked around the different sections of the children's library and learnt how the books are organised on the shelves.

New library cards were given to the students and each one was able to choose a book to borrow.

Pupils loved to use the self-service machines to issue their books.

We also heard some funny poems being read to us!

Enjoy reading your books!

This half term we have been reading the book "The Lonely Beast " by Chris Judge.

We have learnt how to use adjectives, conjunctions and commas in our writing. With the Talk for writing approach we have retold the story of the Lonely Beast and here are some examples of our stories.

Mrs Wiggin and the other adults who help in Year 2 are very proud of our writing and the way we are improving!


In Maths, we have been using different types of practical resources to help our understanding of place value. We have fun while learning!

Sponsored walk to the Arboretum Park - we all had great fun playing in the children's area and looking around for different types of habitats which has been our Science topic.