Attendance and Punctuality

Every Day Counts!

We have been working really hard to improve the attendance and punctuality of our children.

Every day is important for our children and they will learn something new every day.

Please contact the school if your child is not able to attend.

Missing 5 days of school will reduce attendance to below 98%.

Missing 10 days of school will reduce attendance to below 95% meaning a child's attendance is below the satisfactory level.

Missing 19 days of school will take attendance to 90% which is a cause for concern.

It is said that lower attendance affects progress and achievement of children.  If a child is not in school, they are unable to learn and mix with their peers.  Therefore, we have an incentive for fantastic attendance and punctuality!

Attendance Policy

Attendance Traffic Light System

Attendance leaflet

End of Year 2021 Attendance Prizes

A HUGE well done to year 5 for winning the best class attendance. They celebrated by having a class party.

Congratulations to 33 children for 100% attendance for the whole year. They were awarded special prizes which they chose.

The bikes were awarded to Bernice Johnson Year 4 and Vishal Jhall Year 2

Weekly Best Class Attendance

The class with the highest weekly attendance will be announced in Friday's Praise Assembly.  They will also get an extra 10 minutes playtime the following Friday and the Attendance Award in their classroom for the week.

Autumn Term 1 2021

Week Commencing:



W/C Nursery Reception Year 2 Year 3 Year  4 Year 5 Year 6
13/09/2021 91% 94% 95% 100% 95% 97% 97%
20/09/2021 93% 95% 89% 96% 96% 96% 98
27/09/2021 95% 95% 91% 98% 96% 96% 97%