Admissions at Croft Academy


Little Crofties Admission

We take a maximum of 8 children into our 2 year old afternoon provision. 

Children are eligible to start at Little Crofties in the term after their 2nd Birthday.

Children can be added to the Little Crofties waiting list at any point.  Parents will be contacted in the half term prior to their 2nd Birthday if spaces are available.   It is the parent’s responsibility to keep school informed of any change to address/contact number once children are on the waiting list.

Parents will need to complete an application online to see if their child is eligible for the 2 year funding.

If your child is eligible then you will receive a golden letter which you will need to bring into school.


Nursery Application Parent Information

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for applying for a Nursery place at Croft Academy. We are delighted to be such a popular choice!

This information sheet has been designed to help you understand the process, but if you have queries please come and speak to us.


Procedure overview

Please see the Nursery Admissions Policy for full details on how your application is processed. We ensure consistency and our admissions priorities are highlighted below.

Nursery Admission Priorities:

  1. The child is in public care (LAC)
  2. The age of the child; children cannot be admitted before their third birthday and priority is given to children who will be eligible for a Reception place the following academic year.
  3. If the child has siblings at Croft Academy.
  4. Proximity of home address to the school (proof of address will be required)

Exception: if a child has a specific need which is best catered for by Croft Academy Nursery - as determined by a medical or social care professional - they will take priority over other applications.  

What we can do:

  • Contact you formally if your child is given a place in Nursery.
  • Hold your application safely where it will remain on file and our waiting list unless you withdraw it.

What you can do:

  • Apply to as many other schools or nursery settings
  • Contact us with queries
  • Inform us if you no longer want the place
  • Inform us of changes to circumstances or contact details
  • Respond to us when/if offered a place

Key information:

  • Nursery spaces are not guaranteed. Submitting an application does not mean you will automatically be allocated a space.
  • You must apply for a Reception place through the Local Authority the spring before the academic year in which your child turns five years old. Having a place at Croft Academy does not guarantee that your child will be allocated a Reception place at the school.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Reception Admission

Our admission number is 30 (based on our Net Capacity Assessment).

Croft Academy is part of the co-ordinated admission arrangements of Walsall Council.

Applications for admission to Reception should be submitted online by parents to their home authority (the authority you pay your council tax to).

If a child does not meet the admission criteria for Croft Academy then Walsall Council will allocate a place at the nearest alternative school with vacant places.


Mid Year Admissions

The academy will comply with all relevant provisions of the Department for Education’s School Admissions Code 2014 (“the Admissions Code”) the School Admission Appeals Code of 2012 (“the Appeals Code”) and the law on admissions. The academy will, through The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (TEFAT), consult as may be required and/or necessary.


All academies in the TEFAT network participate in the co-ordinated admission arrangements administered by the local authority in the relevant geographical location and in respect of other arrangements specified in the Admissions Code.  Applications for admission to the Academy should therefore be made to the local authority admissions section.


Admission Appeals should also, in the first instance, be made to the local authority admissions section.


For general information about school admissions and admission appeals please look at the Walsall Council website by clicking here.


Admissions to Croft Academy are handled by Walsall Council Admissions Team