All the staff are committed to providing a safe and friendly learning environment for all.

They believe every single child can achieve.

Below, you will find our staff deployment for the 2021 - 2022 academic cycle. 


Executive Principal 

 Mr P Edgerton


 Miss G Down

Vice Principal 

 Miss S Crisp


Pastoral Team


 Mrs R Newman 

Parent Support Advisor & Safeguarding 

 Mrs R Hussain

Learning Mentor 

 Mrs J Sheridan


Nursery Teacher 

 Miss S Maiden

Reception Teachers 

 Mrs S Acton / Mrs C Kneller

Support Staff 

 Mrs S Kauser

 Mrs D Clarke

 Miss K Aston

 Miss K Shaw

Year 1


 Mrs M Nasreen

Support Staff 

 Mrs M Jordan & Mrs S Begum

Year 2


 Mrs M Wiggin

Support Staff 

 Mrs S Kausar

 Mrs S Begum


Year 3


 Mr A Terry

Support Staff 

 Miss R Saunders & Mrs Mrs V Aldridge

Year 4


 Mr J Gadd

Support Staff 

 Mrs M Przybyl

Mrs V Aldridge

Year 5


 Miss S Rashid

Support Staff 

 Mrs C Campbell / Mr D Richardson

Year 6


 Mr D Hurley

Support Staff 

Mrs J Sheridan

 Miss R Ali

Administration Staff

Finance Manager 

 Mrs H Hobart

Finance Officer 

 Mrs L Ramsey

Office Manager 

 Mrs N Sond

Operations Manager 

 Mr G Cook

Cleaning & Site Staff

Site Manager 

 Mr A McElvenney

Cleaning Staff 

 Mr R Virk Singh

 Mr Z Hussain

Mrs A Begum


Lunchtime Staff

Catering Manager 

 Ms D Carless

Kitchen Assistants 

 Ms A Ryder

 Ms Y Smith

Lunchtime Supervisors 

 Mrs H Ali

 Mrs A Bibi

 Mrs R Bibi 

 Mr Z Hussain

 Mrs L Jordan

 Mrs S Naz

 Miss K Aston

 Mrs M Jordan

 Mrs R Saunders