All the staff are committed to providing a safe and friendly learning environment for all. They believe every single child can achieve.  Below, you will find our staff deployment for the 2019 - 2020 academic cycle. 

Staff List

Executive Principal


Vice Principal


Mr. P. Edgerton

Miss. G. Down

Miss. S. Crisp

Mrs R. Newman

Teaching Staff

Nursery Teacher

Reception Teacher

Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 Teacher

Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Teacher

Year 6 Teacher

Miss. S. Maiden

Mrs. S. Acton/Mrs C Kneller

Mrs. R. Newman

Mrs. M. Wiggin

Miss. R. Bull

Mr. D. Hurley

Mr. J. Gadd

Miss. S. Rashid

Teaching Assistants








Mrs. D. Clarke

 Miss. K. Aston

 Mrs. S. Begum

 Mrs. S. Kausar

Year 1 


 Mrs.M Jordan

Miss. R. Saunders

Year 2


Mrs. S. Kausar


Year 3 



Mrs. Y. Bibi 

Mr. D. Richardson

Miss. C. Campbell


Year 4 


Miss. S.Kaur


Year 5 


Miss. R. Ali


Year 6



Mrs. V. Aldridge 

Mrs. M. Przybyl

Learning MentorMrs. J. Sheridan

Finance ManagerMrs. H. Hobart

Operations Manager Mr. G. Cook


Office & Admin StaffMrs. L. Ramsey

- Mrs. S. Kosar

         - Mrs. A. Kausar

Safeguarding and Attendance - Mrs. R. Hussain

Site ManagerMr. A. McElvenney