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English Mission Statement: Empowering children so their creative voice is heard.

At Croft Academy, we believe in offering a quality curriculum for all children. The English Curriculum at Croft Academy is designed to help support children, so they can become effective, purposeful writers. We do this by ensuring children are regularly exposed to a range of rich literature, as this will help our pupils to appreciate varying perspectives of the wider world books can offer, which helps to unlock imaginative thinking. 

English learning journeys are carefully planned and sequenced while taking into account the best way of ensuring key skills and knowledge become a part of children's long term memory. We are proud of our text rich curriculum, which really delves deep into the themes of books. Learning journeys are engaging for children and take them beyond the everyday, as books are thoughtfully selected by class teachers and teaching assistants so they reflect our pupils' growing interests. Lessons help broaden our pupils' horizons by exploring:

  • Stories from a range of cultures and backgrounds, which are representative of the diverse backgrounds our children come from. Through this pupils appreciate the beauty in crafted work.
  • Writing for impact, which helps to unlock our pupils' cultural capital and helps them recognise how their writing holds a purpose. Lessons help support children to represent their opinions as well as thoughts and enables them to create their own narratives, where their unique voice is heard and respected. 
  • Word choice, which enables children to question the meaning of new and unfamiliar words. Tier 2 words are elaborated on and used in teacher models to help our pupils experiment with ambitious vocabulary in their own writing.
  • Personal Development COVID-19 has impacted our daily life and our curriculum has been revised so children can see how characters develop within a story and how this relates to bigger and more personal questions such as 'Why is family important?' (Autumn) 'How Can Humans Show Care and Change the World?' (Spring) and 'Does Fear Make You Stronger?' (Summer).

English Overview Autumn Term 

EYFS-Y6 English Progression Map