A huge warm welcome to Year 6

Scroll down and soak in all the information about our learning in Year 6. We welcome you and if you have any questions then our wonderful team of teachers will be more than happy to help you.

-Miss Rashid       -Miss Monika           -Mrs Aldridge 



The first term back to school has been interesting. Children have very quickly got to grips with the Year 6 expectations and are eager to progress their learning every day. After all, every day counts.



Our book hook was 'Goodnight Mister Tom' and the central question to our learning was 'What makes a home?'. Children enjoyed predicting what the book could be about. Over a few weeks,they developed their use of speech (accompanied by action) to move the story forward, adjectives, fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses. We developed our form of writing by making edits and improvements so it achieved the intended impact. At the end of it all, we read our stories aloud to our groups and then finally reviewed different stories. It was amazing how children had so much variety in their stories and still kept the moral clear- Home isn't just brick walls but can come in the form of a person.Well done Year 6.



Our mathematicians in Year 6 started off the term by developing a confident understanding of 'Number and Place Value.' We started off with concrete representations (lego) and then developed our fluency. These are  some of the things we have developed. Place value of numbers up to 10 million and comparing numbers using symbols (<   >   =) . Interpret what needs to be done when solving multi-step problems. Children recognise when to move on to the next task so they are making good progress throughout the lesson. There are many opportunities made available in the classroom so that children can apply their knowledge through reasoning and mastery. This is probably many children's favourite lessons as we sing our 'Reasoning Song'. After all, 'We Are, We Are, Rapid Reasoners,' aren't we Year 6?



Our CLIC (Creative Learning Impact Curriculum) was based on 'Fallen Heroes' and we had a key focus towards World War 2. Through historical inquiry we developed a better understanding of this significant period in History. We looked at documents and artefacts and inferred what it was telling us. We used our different day to make a silhouette of a soldier, sandbags, a collage with different mediums of a poppy, we redecorated our Reading Corner so it fitted the WW11 theme, we store diary entries based on the war and setting description; which described the scene. We looked at the effects of rationing, the evacuation process and the holocaust on children and adults and develop a better understanding of Anne Frank  We completed our topic of Fallen Heroes by celebrating a different day and practising a play, which we performed to the whole school. This helped the school develop a better understanding of WW11. We wrote our own interpretation of Flanders Field too- many were very moving.