Welcome to Year 5

Teacher - Miss Nasreen              Teaching Assistant - Miss Rimza

Together we are the Miss R's with 30 wonderful learners, eager to learn!


A huge, warm welcome to Year 5. We have been doing some great learning. Simply scroll down to find out more...


Autumn Curriculum
We are working incredibly hard this term.
Year 5 made fantastic predictions when they inferred from pictures, passages and eventually they responded with fantastic predictions about our book hook. When it was time to read the book, the children felt the impact of the award winning book 'Toms midnight garden'. Some children even predicted the title of the book accurately. Well done Year 5! Now we are looking forwards to learning from the text and then re-writing our own interpretation of the story. However, the challenge is to make our stories set in context with our focus of Time travelling.
In Maths, we are consolidation our knowledge of place value as well as the four operations (addition, subtract, division and multiplication) through calculations. We are developing new learning in line with the four operations. the Children are using known facts to help them solve long multiplication and division problems. 
CLIC lessons are so fun. Year 5 are delving deep into how inspiration is born in the unlikely of places. First by exploring how at the history of Ancient Egypt. This inspired the children to re create a life size Mummy, making Egyptian jewelry and many more research based activities.



Below are pictures showing our learning for this term so far.







PSHE and 6Rs

As part of our PSHE we are looking at 6Rs:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationships/Reciprocity
  • Reflective
  • Resourceful
  • Resilience

We worked in groups to create a definition of each area and gave examples of where we can or have shown each one. Do you think you can achieve the 6 Rs?




This half term our key question is time travel. This allows us to look at 

  • Geography
  • Places around the world
  • Map skills reat fun and even got lost in the woods! We made dens and met lots of different animal
  • Coordinates
  • Mystery stories
  • Design and technology
  • Looking at making a moving vehicle
  • English
  • Book hooks are 'Toms midnight garden'
  • Stories
  • Maths
  • Place value
  • Multiplication
  • Division