Welcome to our Year 3 page


Teacher - Mrs. Wiggin

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Jordan

This half term we are going to be learning all about:

Spring 2

English - We are reading the book "I was there ...1066" by Jin Eldredge.

- We will be writing a diary entry and a leaflet about the Battle of Hastings.


Maths - Length and perimeter.

_ Fractions 


Science - We will be learning about Plants.


History _ We will be learning about our ancestors and the history of this country - The Norman Invasion, Battle of Hastings.


Science experimental work

 We learnt about magnets and their properties during our Science lessons. We tried different types and sizes  of magnets and we tested their strengths. We also had a lots of fun!!

In order to test the amount of friction on a toy car we used a ramp with different surfaces: sand, fabric,

carpet, rough and smooth wood.  We found out that the smoothest ramp - smooth wood -  was the one that caused less friction so the toy car went down faster.



Year 3 Special Assembly

On Monday 4th March pupils shared with the whole school and parents what they have been learning in their R.E.  lessons. They performed a play about the paralysed man whom Jesus healed, read some prayers thanking God for their families, friends, food, their own bodies... and sang a song "God you are good to me".





R.E. _ Friday 22th March 2019


Y 3 visits St. Peter’s Church in Walsall

Pupils were taught about the meaning of Easter for Christians and what celebrations take place in the church at this time of the year. This was a  relaxed and informal opportunity for children to ask questions and share their thoughts about the topic.

Symbols and artefacts were shown and explained why they are important: the Cross,  Bible, candles, easter egg - new life …

Children played an Easter egg hunt. There was a hidden message and  children had to find the right number of letters to put the message together”Christians believe that ….Jesus died for us!”

Another game involving two teams and chocolate eggs brought a lot of loud voices and laughter to the room.

Crafts: pupils made Jesus’ tomb and garden  with icing sugar and biscuits.

We all loved this trip to St. Peter’s church!!

Y3 Timetable